Vacations can be stressful for every one of us, but how about for our pets? Many people are having parties and inviting guests over. Its a whirlwind of ornamentation, rich food and an atmosphere of delight. Occasionally we get so swept up in it all that we dont see the effect the season has on our pets.

Our pets can feel when we’re stressed, but sadly they dont understand why.

Some may be indifferent to all the goings on during the holiday season, but it can cause tension and worry for quite a few four-legged loved ones.
My buddy’s old dog, on the other hand, is pretty neurotic and only stepping out to assess the mail box drives him up the wall. For those of you out there who understand what I am talking about, there are several products in the marketplace that can help. Generally in most pet stores, it is possible to locate things that release pheromones that may have a relaxing effect on those exceedingly dying pets.

The products have existed for some time now; the first to reach the marketplace worked like a plug in air freshener and was comparatively high-priced. Lately, though, a couple efficient choices have come out. One that works is a still collar – its like a flea collar, surviving for several months. Another alternative is an easy charm to cut onto a collar that can be removed when not desired. There are even new healthy treats that have a calming agent to relieve the vacation pet pressure and they just cost several dollars.

While your Pets Greatest policy doesn’t cover the price of any of these auxiliary things, many pet owners say they’ve had excellent results with them when it comes to preventing the effects of pet anxiety and tension during the holiday seasons.