Dogs can be influenced by various eye diseases, much like people.

Eyelid Developments
Dogs could be influenced by little developments on their eyelids. While the tumours themselves are usually non-cancerous, they could rub on the eye itself, causing annoyance. These tumours can typically be readily removed with minor surgery.

Typical symptoms are a constant mucous discharge and a dull look to the cornea. Conjunctivitis is a standard secondary issue.

KCS is readily diagnosed by a Schirmer Tear Test, which runs on the strip to quantify the real creation of tears within the eye. It just takes a minute with this painless evaluation to be finished.

Capable to be economically treated, but not healed, a mixture of antibiotics and anti-inflammatories, as well as artificial tears, is frequently prescribed for KCS patients. Sometimes, in specific scenarios, a operation can be performed to create tear creation from among the salivary glands.


As in people, Glaucoma is due to the buildup of pressure within the eye, that may eventually cause the eyeball to grow, causing whole vision loss.

Corneal Ulcers
A Corneal Ulcer is an abrasion on top of the eye. Occuring in varying degrees of severity, which cause diverse amounts of distress, it’s generally due to injury to the eye itself.

Serious instances are observable to the naked eye, but small instances should be identified as having the aid of a fluorescein stain, which summarizes the ulcer and enables the veterinarian to see how deep it penetrates into the cornea.

Therapy typically includes external antibiotic treatment and follow up visits, where the veterinarian will continue to use the fluorescein stain until the ulcer is completely cured.

It can be due to injury, disease, allergies and specific drugs.

Therapy can include steroid drops and antibiotic drops or ointments, according to the cause determined by your veterinarian.