I just had my little Bichon Frise in to my new groomer, and I’m totally over the moon happy about it! Fifi Frise, as I like to call her, was simply glowing! I researched groomers online before taking her in to one of them. I wanted to make sure they could do the hair cut that I wanted and that they had a good reputation. I asked several friends for their recommendations, and I also looked on social media and online dog forums. Many people on the dog forums were super helpful in pointing me to some great groomers. I finally chose one that was actually only a few blocks from my house. I was able to walk Fifi there.

Why did I use a groomer?

I chose to use a groomer mostly because I didn’t want to deal with the mess of having to wash Fifi at my house. I also have no idea how to do the hair cut that I wanted for her. And rather than do a botched job of it myself, I decided to go with a professional. The cost wasn’t too steep, so it was worth it to avoid the hassle of doing it myself.

What services did I use?

I had a standard bath and blow dry for Fifi. But I also decided to get her nails painted too. The groomers were so nice about it. They get that kind of request a lot, so they were happy to do it for me. After they washed her and fluffed her hair and dried her off, they also trimmed her nails, cleaned out her ears, and did some touch up trims. I picked a nice rosy pink color for Fifi’s nails. The groomers were so kind and gentle with her. And they did a flawless job on her nails! On the walk home, so many people complimented her and her shnazzy nails!